These IEM's really were worth ALL the hype.


"After getting a strong recommendation from my friend Heath I had to try getting my IEM's done by In Ear Systems. At first, plugging them into my Ipod they were not telling of anything better than my M-Audio IE-30's. My first impression was that they lacked low end, but I was wrong. I was wrong in the detail and comfort they provided in a live mix / performance setting. I got to use them for our "Good Friday" service which had an attendance of over 2500 people. The sound was "smooth", the frequencies were NOT harsh. There seemed to be "space" while having them in my ear's almost like having two really good studio monitors placed on each side of my ears. I got to use them for our Easter services which was a total of 12 services, an attendance of over 18,000 people and I NEVER got tired of having them in my ears. They never bothered me, my ear's were never "exhausted" of using them. Unlike other IEM's where after several hours I had a bit of pain and the sound became hard to handle at high volumes and frequencies became harsh. These IEM's really were worth ALL the hype. I'm glad I got them, along with several other Music Pastors at our church, really nice work"

Marc Millan
Creative Arts Music Pastor