How do I order custom earphones?

Ordering custom earphones is easy. Visit a hearing care professional (audiologist) and have them take your ear impressions. Send us the ear impressions along with the completed information form. You can either enclose a check or make payment online. We will send you your completed IEM’s within three weeks.

How can I get the best seal, fit and comfort for my Fidelity Custom Earphones?

The original impression of your ear has the greatest impact on the final fit of your earpiece. Occasionally, modification of the earpiece and perhaps even a second impression for a remake is needed. When having your ear impressions taken at an Audiologist, please make sure that they follow the instructions (2nd page of the information sheet). Should they have any questions, please ask them to contact us. Ear-Gel (available in our accessories section of our store) can aid in both insertion of the earpiece and retaining a good acoustic seal.

What is the best way to control moisture in my earphones?

The typical ear canal is a warm, humid environment. Add a little perspiration and the result is a lot of water vapor floating around inside the earphones. When the ambient air temperature changes, that water vapor condenses onto the sensitive microelectronics. Condensation is an "equal opportunity" culprit, affecting users from coast to coast. Warning signs may range from sound distortion, intermittency, and fuzziness to total instrument failure. This can lead to costly downtime and expensive repairs.

How do I clean my Fidelity Custom Earphones?

With each set of Fidelity Custom Earphones, you receive a cleaning tool to help you to clean out the ports of the earpieces. To clean the outside, we recommend using Anti-bacterial wipes. You ,ay also use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. DO NOT allow alcohol to run into the ports during cleaning. Fluids can damage the internal parts of the earphones.

How do I know I'm listening safely?

Fidelity Custom Earphones were created by audiologically sound principles and may prevent noise induced hearing loss (tinnitus) by enhancing signal-to-noise ratios for the everyday, active user. Only the music is amplified, not the “noise”. The exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit are integral to our design.

What is a driver?

A driver is similar to a tiny speaker, designed to Fidelity Custom Earphones specifications, capable of reproducing frequencies you won’t hear in other headphones. Fidelity Custom Earphones incorporate a crossover network designed specifically for our unique "Balanced Armature Drivers". Their small size allows for smaller, lightweight radio communications earpieces suitable for all-day wear.

Will I feel too isolated?

No more than with any other high-quality headphones or in-ear monitors. Acoustic isolation can be an advantage when listening to music, Fidelity Custom Earphones feature up to 25db of outside noise rejection (with proper molding).

What are the benefits for the musician using Fidelity Custom Earphones?

  • Reduced risk of hearing damage (with proper use)
  • Improved and consistent sound quality
  • Reduced vocal fatigue (not screaming over loud floor wedges)
  • Virtual elimination of acoustic feedback
  • Freedom of movement on stage (when using wireless system)
  • Elimination of bulky monitors reduces storage and cartage
  • Cost
  • Comfort

Why do Fidelity Custom Earphones sound so incredible?

Most in-ear headphones use a “collector” or “chamber” to collect the frequency bands, combine them and then channel them into your ears. These collectors create time alignment and phase coherency problems with the audio. Fidelity Custom Earphones sound mix chamber is your ears. Your brain assembles the sound for you, in time and phase coherently, like it has done for you since birth.